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I am just starting out with Hugo and so far, I am loving the concept. Currently, I am working on moving our company website from Joomla to Hugo. We didn’t need all the bells and whistles of Joomla, because we don’t change that much on our Website on a regular basis. We list our products and services (which is kept up to date of course) and we publish news once in a while, when there is something to report. We are a relatively small firm and thus don’t have something interesting (for the public) to report every day.

For the baseline:
I have worked with Joomla a fair bit - although this is not my primary work. I have adapted style sheets to meet my requirements, set up complete websites and so on. However I would not consider myself an expert by a very long shot! :slight_smile: I am a complete newbie to Hugo.

For the company Website I chose the “Universal” theme and copied the demo site as a basis to play with. I did adapt the theme a little bit (changing some of the colours, pics and the space for the company logo). Now I am adding content and failing miserably. First of all, I changed the main menu and the URLs it points to. No big deal so far. As an example, I created the URL However, when I open that URL, there is (nearly) no content.The page’s title (as in the is displayed but nothing else. The page is not marked as a draft and even if I copy the content of one of the other demo pages into that file, I get the same result.

Because of this I am guessing, that somewhere there is a list of sections telling Hugo how to display pages in each section. Is that correct? If so, I haven’t found that list yet. I imagine, it won’t be a big deal to tell Hugo to display everything behind /about as a simple website (no blog list or anything else).

Or am I missing something entirely here?

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P.S. Sorry if this was a TL;DR post. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Hugo forums!

Here’s some starter tips:

  • Each Hugo theme has a place to seek support, and it is hardly ever these forums. For theme-specific questions, please follow the directions in the README and find help that way.
  • When you post in support, try to break it down to one issue you are having; if they are related post them all. The point is to solve a problem, and mark it as solved. You can always create another support thread.
  • Don’t ask more than a couple questions at a time. Give the community time to respond. While you wait, read the documentation.
  • The best way to get help is to have your site or an example of it online, so we can clone it and debug it on our end. In time you will do the same, so embrace it and link to code!

Okay, with those out of the way, let’s focus on your pages not showing. In order to figure that out, I’ll need to see your site. Please make that available, and we can figure it out. :slight_smile:

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@Gullytrotter Have you seen any of these videos? Maybe they’d be helpful.

First of all, thanks for tanking the time to reply to my question!

If I put the unfinished website online, my boss is going to have a cow! :stuck_out_tongue: So I’ll have to create a minimalist version that shows the same behaviour. I am guessing, you have hugo installed and running all the time, :smiley: so you can easily reproduce the problem locally:

  1. Create a new site
  2. Get the Universal theme
  3. Install the exampleSite
  4. Add some new content (that is not part of the theme) for example: hugo new xyz/
  5. Unmark the as draft and add some randon content. :slight_smile:
  6. Start hugo and try to display that page (via the URL).

I see the page title but not the content.

Tomorrow I’ll set up a website on my personal webspace that shows the behaviour too. However, the steps above will probably be more helpful in finding the cause.

Best regards,

No I haven’t actually seen them, but I will definately check them out. The videos I have seen are all very short and give far too little insight for what I want to do. So thanks for the tip!


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