Some Knowledge Required : Creating a site, with search - which theme is appropriate?

I am quite new to Hugo, since last weekend.

I would like to set up a static site using Hugo and a proper theme then push it to github and publish the page on netlify to start with.
I would like to mimic or do something similar to this site naturforskaren (This is a SPA - using an old Spring Framework site, backed by a MySQL db).

The site naturforskaren, here you are able to search for different species in Sweden - the site never became what it should have been - so the most proper search is around ‘aves’ (such as ‘korp’) and ‘Orthoptera’ (such as ‘hussyrsa’) and ‘lucanus’ (such as ‘ekoxe’).

So, if I remake the site using for instance Hugo + Papermod, pushing the content of each page (markdown) to a github-account and couple it to netfly (as described my netflify) - each species would have its own markdown ; for instance, , and soforth.
So the landing page is just information, when you search for instance for ‘ekoxe’ you will come to the following horrible URL ‘xxx’ - I would the URL to be more descriptive and look something like (1) .

What theme would you recommend for me, to be able to create a static site of naturforskaren and which search would you recommend ?
I have tried the fuesOpts !? search for a tiny site (3 pages) and the search is not really working so well, I would therefore like to try out for instance lunr.js to handle the search (starting with for instance all the birds in naturforskaren).
Next step would be to have an one or more translations of the species-pages.
followed up by listing species-groups on the landing-page that have (1) text and (2) images and (3) sound …

best, i