Found two local full-text search,Can it be integrated in hugo?

  1. jekyll local full-text search
    demo: ,search “is” for example.
  2. ink local full-text search
    InkPaper is an static blog generator developed also by Golang .
    demo: ,search “InkPaper” for example.

Suggested search is hard to use, If they can be integrated into hugo,that‘s awesome!
thank you!

Lunr was super simple to get working, and there’s a tutorial linked in here. Just search the discourse for it.

Lunr’s search result can’t find the right words, especially for Chinese,ink’s search perform well, so I want them integrated into hugo.

The hugo’s search plugins become various, Isn’t it a good thing?

There is a Lunr add-on for Chinese:

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Thank you for your advice.I’ll try it.

@pamela908 you posted this in #feature, so presuming your question is, “can search be added to the Hugo application somehow”, the answer is: search indexes can be generated by Hugo, but the searching interaction is beyond the project.

Search is not a “static” operation. If you need advanced searching capabilities, I suggest something heavier to do the work for you. Searching language isn’t that easy. :slight_smile: