How can i create search box on hugo go blog?

Hello everyone.
I’ve just installed hugo go and use hugo_theme_robust but i wonder how can i create search feature on my hugo go blog?

You can use Tipue Search or one of the tools linked on Hugo’s Tools Overview.

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Many thank. I am using on github page. Maybe google custom search fit for me now.

@thanhngvpt my solution was to use algolia’s service together with instantsearch.js. There is a slight learning curve but the result is as good as a dynamic search. (Maybe even better if you consider how fast it returns results).

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I second that. I’m quite a fan of Algolia’s search (due to their speed and features), even though it will become a paid product as my website grows.

I’d call Algolia’s learning curve pretty steep, but that probably just shows how much difference experience can make.

@thanhngvpt There’s a fully documented topic about implementing Lunr.js search here with lots of helpful comments by rdwatters. (In case that’s something suited for your blog.)

There’s a general topic about implementing search here where a lot of people give their opinion, so you might get some helpful ideas from there.

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Since this still might be an issue for some I figured I should leave this comment here. At we use Algolia ourselves and we just posted a tutorial on how to implement Algolia on Hugo sites. I’m just going to leave this here :point_right: Static Site Search with Hugo + Algolia