SOLVED: Taxonomy list template for mutilingual setup

I’m setting up a multilingual blog - dev version.
The taxonomy template I’m using is /layouts/_default/taxonomy.html with the following code :
<!-- List of posts --> {{ range .Data.Pages }} {{ if eq .Type "post" }} <ul> <li> {{ .Render "list" }} </li> </ul> {{ end }} {{ end }}

The list template then just renders a list of items with the given taxonomy.

The problem is that the list is created only for the default language of the site, which is Hindi. When I’m in English, I get 404 error like for this tag which is only for English post. It should however take the template automatically and render the list of English items as wel.

Please note that, in case a taxonomy is present in both English and Hindi version ( like मटर in both or bingo in both, literally, because I know that tags can’t be translated ) then the taxonomy list only renders the Hindi posts ( the default language ).

Is this a bug for multilingual setup for taxonomy list, or am I missing something ?

You most likely “miss something”, but it is hard to spot without seeing the actual site source.

Thankyou for replying.
The templates for list and taxonomy are here

The site renders here

OK, now I see it.

You must move the taxonomy config above the language config (now you only get taxonomies for the english lang).

Also, you must move the disqusShortname above any map definition (only maps can follow maps in a TOML file).

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Great :smile:
It works now.
And thankyou for the extra info on placing non-maps before maps.

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