[Solved] Section URL not working

So I have a hugo site that has a blog section and we are trying to use github as our editor for blog post authors so we decided to make the blog section a git submodule.

The issue I’m having is that we want to use a different url than the name of the blog repo so for example the repos name is: descriptive-blog-repo-name and I want to use a simple url like /blog

So I said this should be fairly simple so I went ahead and created an _index.md file under the section folder I put a url parameter on the front matter but it doesn’t work.

I’ve searched for quite a bit and tried doing these suggestions but had no luck:

What am I doing wrong or this is not possible with hugo at the moment?


Well after reading the docs this is not possible.


section is determined by its location on disk and cannot be specified in the front matter. See section.

Then I’m confused :

Section pages can also have a content file and frontmatter, see Source Organization.

from https://gohugo.io/content/sections/#section-lists