Section names and 118n [solved]

Is there a way to translate section names?

I have setup a multilingual site (multihost) and it works fine, except for section names. I have

content/entwickler/ and this gets the URL /entwickler/handbuch/ on the server. For the english site I’d like to have the same directory structure, but a different url. I can set the last part with slug="manual", but the first part should be developer instead of entwickler.

Is there a way to translate the section name?

I assume that english is you default language but this works for any other language as well as long as you give the file the correct name.
On my site, I used the url parameter of the front matter to achieve that result. In your case you would create a file for english content and then set the url to /developer/manual or something similar. The reason why I used this approach is because my sections are not necessarily named like the final result because I mostly used them for grouping the content and controlling the final result via url parameter.

There is probably another way to do this but that will be something which someone else must tell us. I hope I could help you

With this approach I can set the path of the page (thank you!), but I am unable to set the name of the section. That is, I have a page content/entwickler/ which defaults to the URL /entwickler, and I have not found a way to rename this to /developer.

I have updated to Hugo 0.37 and it works now.

url = "/developers" works with pages in sections. So this is solved! Thanks