[solved] Repository locations/name conventions for GitHub hosting?

As I’m trying to follow the Github hosting tutorial, trying “the alternate way.’ I’m getting confused on what repository I need to use.

Should I create myusername/myusername.github.io/myblogtitle/ and then push everything to a master branch of that? (Like I’ve started to do here?

I’m getting confused because spencerlyon2’s example doesn’t use the github.io page at all.


This is described better here:

GitHub differs between “User or organization site” and “Project site”.

If the name of the site is the same as the GitHub user (like in your case), then username.github.io is correct.

But if you want to create another blog about cookies - then a repository named cookies will be hosted at


And if you have improvements to the tutorials, Pull Requests are always welcome!

Thank you – I’ll look at the tutorial and see if anything could be clearer. I was confused what part of the URL had to be in the name of the repository to be served. It turns out: just the name of the blog.