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Hello Hugophers,
I have created and pushed a blog to GitHub with a gh-page setup. I followed the instructions and guidelines for hosting on a Github User project space.

  • Have the config.toml baseURL set as
  • Deployed as per script.

But my blog page does not open on, I’m only able to open the page , I had previously once hosted with no issues I don’t what’s the catch all of a sudden. This might be some configuration issue, can someone help with this?

Thank You!

Just add a .nojekyll file on your root.


Thank you!
I gave it a while, seems like it’s working now without .nojekyll but I’ll push one with .nojekyll file.

How do I maintain a master (public part of the site) and a different branch (for the source).
Could you guide me on that!

I never use branches (for public/sources séparation). I use a /docs folder in my master branch.

[I don’t use gh-pages anymore. I work with Netlify.]

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