How to apply a partial template to a specific Agenda Page


I am using a theme material-design and I have the home page as card layout. But I want to add an additional section, Agenda, for which I have created a partial template.

My question is how do I apply this partial template to content page which is of category agenda?
Do I have to cycle through all the pages using the Paginator, find which of the page is of category agenda and render that using the partial?

OR can I specify in the config.toml which is my agenda page and somehow use that? I am lost, I need some help.

Here is my index.html template

{{ partial “agenda.html” .}}
{{ partial “content.html” . }}

{{ partial “pagination.html” .Paginator }}

Thanks, Rajesh

You can create a new type called Agenda and then create a new layout for it. This will help: