[solved] How to disable autogenerated "Posts" post?

I’m using Hugo for my personal blog and I encountered a problem: for some reason, which is probably obvious for many of you, Hugo generates a post with title “Posts” which contains the list of all my other posts and puts it as the last one despite its date of publication is the same with the newest post. I find this post redundant and I wish to get rid of it.
I’m using a slightly modified Icarus theme (https://themes.gohugo.io/hugo-icarus/) and it turns out that this “Posts” post appears only when I use Icarus or my customized theme. Any other theme does not give this result. So probably the problem is caused by the theme, not the site config.
I checked all layout related templates but I don’t see any culprits.
Hope you can help me.


disableKinds = [“section”]

to your config.toml

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Whoa, it worked! Thanks.
But may I ask for some clarification or a link to docs? Why this was unnecessary with other themes and why this “Posts” post is generated by default if “section” is not disabled in config? What’s the purpose of this list decorated as a usual post?

You ask many guestions; if you really want to have an answer to all of them, you need to study Hugo in more depth. Read the docs.

Seems fair enough.
Thanks for the help!