[SOLVED] Help interpreting a warning

Can someone help me interpret this warning?

WARNING: YAML data/frontmatter with keys of type int is since Hugo 0.37 converted to strings

I’d like to remove it, since it adds 3-4 secs to the build time on our site.

My guess is that I have pages that use the the type: key, and that the values are now converted to strings.
So to get rid of the warning, I should go put single quotes around my uses of the type: guide front-matter data. (???)

I think double quotes (not sure, exactly, YAML seems to take everything).

YAML support numeric keys, but we had so many issues with it, so at some point (Hugo 0.37), we decided that all front mattter and data keys should be strings.

Which means that if you have:

681: "some value"

You should convert it to:

"681": "some value"

Because that is what it will end up as anyway.


@bep: So how does this work when accessing named values in a data file?

If I have a yaml like this:

        version: ...
        url: ....
        hash: ...
        version: ...
        url: ...
        hash: ...

Trying to access this in the template using:


Trips an error:

ERROR 2018/08/27 12:46:43 Failed to add template "partials/downloads.html" in path "partials\\downloads.html": template: partials/downloads.html:5: unexpected ".32" in operand