Error parsing YAML Front Matter variable


title: 'Practice Areas'
date: '2017-03-07T17:34:59+00:00'
status: publish
permalink: /practice-areas
author: admin
excerpt: ''
type: page
- practice-areas

The layout parameter is not parsed, and not recognized as a layout, if its not written like

layout: “practice-areas”

Any ideas?

Looks like layout would not accept an array.
Writing the layout like this would mean you are trying to assign an array with one element:

- practice-areas

Whereas, the following would be a single string assignment:

layout: practice-areas

Yes, that’s what i guessed, as this happens with all parameters that are expected a a sing string. But problem is that many exporters and converters use the - notation even for single string.

Any ideas of how to change this?

It’s not possible to change it. It’s hard-coded into Hugo to only read the layout as a string.

I just fixed the converter to convert single cell arrays to strings where needed, so problem solved. Thank you!