[ SOLVED ] Fedora Copr repository out of service?


Hi @spf13, is the Copr repo active? I’m seeing that there’s no builds for any Fedora release.


It’s in the process of being setup by @jdoss. He’d be the best to answer.


I see, nice, already using his repo then :slight_smile:


Hey there! I just kicked off the builds for Hugo on the spf13 copr so you should be able switch over to that for now. Also, I am working on getting hugo into the main Fedora repo so we don’t have to use copr but that is going to take a bit to get going.


@jdoss thanks for working on this!

I see that your copr was updated six months ago the last time. Are you going to build 0.16?


No problem @fedelibre! Sorry for being behind on keeping this updated. I will build 0.16 tonight. @spf13 is there any kind of mailing list or notification I can get when a new version come out so I can rebuild the RPM?



You can watch the Announcement category and receive an email for any announcement.
Or add the atom feed of github releases if you use a feed reader.


The new version has been uploaded and built to copr. I have also put a watch on the Announcement category so I can get a notification to be updated of a new version being released. Enjoy!


Thank you @jdoss!

I have a few questions for you:

  1. Is this the new copr repository that you have set up?

  2. Would you like to make it available on more Fedora Architectures, especially the primary ones? (ARM-hfp and x86)

  3. Would you like to have the RPM files available for download on GitHub? See https://github.com/spf13/hugo/releases/tag/v0.16 where I have taken the liberty of uploading the Hugo .deb files there too.

Many thanks!


No problem @anthonyfok :grin:

This is the copr repository that @spf13 setup. I am just an admin on his repo. I do believe Fedora is moving from the old URL copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/spf13 to the new domain fedorainfracloud.org.

The short answer is yes. It is possible to make packages for ppc64le and i386 architectures.

The long answer is I have to build Hugo from source as part of the RPM build process vs what I do now which packaging the premade binary that you download off https://gohugo.io and shoving it into the RPM. Building from source lets us use one copr repository and lets copr make each individual RPM for each architecture.

Also, building Hugo from source will let us submit the RPM to be included within the main Fedora repositories, so we don’t have to use copr at all. I will work on that as soon as I can.

In most cases it is better to just use the copr repository but of you want to have the RPMs for direct download I can send them to you.


Hi @jdoss,

Also, building Hugo from source will let us submit the RPM to be included within the main Fedora repositories, so we don’t have to use copr at all. I will work on that as soon as I can.

That would be awesome, and the way to go in the future. However, this will be a huge amount of work because Fedora requires all Go libraries (that Hugo depends on) to be packaged as individual RPM packages if I understand correctly. This paradigm is very similar to how Go packages are maintained in Debian IIRC. So, as you probably are aware already, besides the hugo package itself, there are likely about two dozen other packages that you need to maintain or at least keep track of (the 1/2 or 1/3 that are already packaged by other Fedora maintainers).

Of course, it would be somewhat easier if you could semi-automate the process, something that I still need to improve on the Debian side.

That said, maybe you could build hugo from a tarball with vendoring included, at least as an interim measure, although I do not know if the Fedora community allows that.

In most cases it is better to just use the copr repository but of you want to have the RPMs for direct download I can send them to you.

Indeed, you are correctly. Nevertheless, I have taken the liberty (again) to upload hugo-0.16-2.el6.x86_64.rpm (from https://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/spf13/Hugo/epel-6-x86_64/00341389-hugo/hugo-0.16-2.el6.x86_64.rpm) to https://github.com/spf13/hugo/releases/tag/v0.16 for those who would like to use your excellent RPM package on e.g. Mandriva and openSUSE. I haven’t tested it, but I am pretty sure it should work well on those distributions too. :wink:


FYI: Seems the repo has skipped the newly released Fedora 25 (and instead offers Fedora 26).



Hello @jdoss, @anthonyfok,

Sorry if yo are not interested anymore, I did build (at least try) a package for Hugo from the source tarball of version 0.18.1.
I would appreciate reviews on the method I used in the specfile concerning Hugo build.

My related gitub repo
The related copr project


@jdoss Will there be any more updates to the COPR repo? There are no packages available for Fedora 25 (current version), and the last version built was 0.16, even though Hugo is now up to 0.19…


Hi @agc93,

Looks like @daftaupe has volunteered to keep RPM releases going, and 0.19 is available from his Fedora Copr repository. Please see his message (from 28 days ago) on this thread and try it out!


Hello @daftaupe,

Great work! Thank you for your great work! I am personally interested because it would help make Hugo more readily available to Fedora and Red Hat users, and because we can then document this and spread the good news! :slightly_smiling:

The method you are use, i.e. running govendor to fetch the sources from the Internet during build time, looks good to me, in the sense that this is how our Travis CI works too.

One thing that I am curious to know is whether this method allows Fedora’s autobuilder to automatically create binary RPMs for other architectures such as ARM, PowerPC. I am unfamiliar with Fedora’s policy, but for Debian and Ubuntu, the autobuilders block network requests, so running govendor to fetch new materials at build time is not allowed.

Nevertheless, kudos to you @daftaupe and @jdoss for making RPMs for Hugo available for all!


Thanks for the nice comments, but the package needs testing.
In the case of Copr you can specify if you want to allow it access to the network. At least there’s a checkbox for that purpose.


New packages for version 0.20 0.20.1 and 0.20.2 available !


A bit late but I’ve released the rpms for version 0.20.3 -> 0.20.7.
Maybe I should start a new thread in order to announce the release of the rpms.


Actually I’ve decided to announce the release of the package as a reply to the official release post of each new version :slight_smile: