Copr and RPMs for Hugo

I wanted to ping @athos-ribeiro and @daftaupe with a clarification. This is a sudden interest to me as I switch to Fedora.

My question is about resolving and updating the RPM to the latest version.

I found out about the RPM from the description at

Okay, a few questions:

  1. @athos-ribeiro, are there additional dependencies that need to be met before we can move forward?
  2. @daftaupe, I know just a little about EPEL; is the Copr repo okay to use in F28?
  3. If we can’t move forward with the RPM route, can we update the Copr description accordingly?

Thanks strangers, I appreciate the work you’ve put into this! :slight_smile:

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Hello @maiki,

the official rpm is and will always be the one provided by Fedora, COPR is just a way for the community to build some packages.

Concerning the update, it takes much more time to do it for the official package because for the building part, the dependencies has to be installed as rpm as well. So every single one of them needs to be packaged before Hugo rpm being able to be built.

  1. yes there are (probably even more in 0.41), though I don’t have the precise list right now, maybe @athos-ribeiro has.
  2. the COPR is okay to use while waiting
  3. I think the COPR has an appropriate description, what do you want me to change there ?


There is now an official hugo package in Fedora 26/27/28 -> so I’m building only for EPEL7

I am a long-time Linux user, so I understand what Copr is, I just didn’t know enough about that line from the description. It seems to imply that it should not be used for Fedora 28. If it is okay to use, it could mention the RPMs, but say it is okay to use otherwise.

If you want I could sit down and write a thing, if you are open to it.

Also, I think I misread, or simply conflated the meaning, the post at Hugo 0.41 Released

The rpms are now up-to-date.

That referred to Copr, correct? So… I guess I think we ought to make it clear that one is “official” to Fedora, but isn’t updated as often. That is a pattern in other projects.

Alright, I understand better now. It’s okay to use the rpm as well as it’s okay to use anything community build. It’s just not part of the distribution.

I realize the sentence is both outated and misleading on the COPR, feel free to write something better :slight_smile:

Well yes the link in the release page is the COPR. I have no way to work on the Fedora official package, except in creating pull requests like the one you’ve linked.