[SOLVED] Assistance with Taxonomy

Hello Community,

Really digging Hugo so far. Everything has been working perfectly and up until now I have not had much problems finding my place around.

I’m exploring the possibility of putting different types of content into different “boxes”. The problem I am running up against is how to organize the content, of course. I would prefer to have /box/type/title but it would seem from the documentation that it’s really /type/title.

What I would like is to organize my content into these “boxes,” but still also benefit from content types. So by default my content is arranged as /box/type/title on disk, but I can also visit /type/title still as in the default behavior.

Is this possible?

Thank you,

I do not see a way to delete this post, but FWIW I have managed to make due with exactly as designed. I am using the taxonomy for my primary menus, and from there in pages I link to the types on their own spectrum.