Social media and contact not displaying

Hello all,
I am using the Hugo Terrassa Theme
and am having trouble understanding how to get the config.toml file to display social media and content details in the footer as detailed on the Github page - hugo terrassa theme

Usually, making a copy of the config.toml file from the theme’s exampleSite and placing it in the root of the site and making changes works. But in this instance, it seems that the config.toml file needs to be located in the root of the Content folder, is that correct? However, I have made config changes to the [] and [params.contactl] but that doesn’t add any content to the footer!

Please see my Github repo.
Any help much appreciated.


look in the samples on GitHub

Thanks @ju52 for pointing that out. I have copied and pasted this config.toml file example to the root of my site’s Content folder but nothing changes re social media and contact details. Initially, I just modified this file in the exampleSite but that didn’t make any changes too…

Have you looked at the Hugo Quickstart? You can follow it step by step, just swapping in your preferred theme at step 3.

I’ve looked at your git repository, and you can build a site that way (by turning a theme into a site) but it’s probably not the way forward for a new user. Though if you want to do that, I think you’ll need to start by

  • deleting theme.toml in the root directory,
  • moving content/config.toml to /config.toml.
  • deleting lines 9-10 from config.toml (since you’re not taking advantage of the themes, and instead you’re using layouts.)

But I think this will start to get messy very fast.

Thanks @funkydan2

I am a little confused. I have followed these steps and have this hugo-terrassa-theme as a submodule. So what am I doing wrong?


From that folder/file structure, it looks like you’ve got a theme inside a theme.

Now, one of the things about Hugo is that this can kind of work. You don’t need a theme, you can just use the layouts/static/assets folders, or you can have those things defined by a theme. The main difference is that a theme will have a theme.toml file in its root directory, and no content directory, whereas a site will have a config.toml file in the root directory (or /config folder) and a /content directory with markdown files used to build the site’s config.

I reckon you might be best off either starting again (following the quick start) or deleting all the duplicated and theme related files in your top level directory.

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Thank you very much @funkydan2 Daniel.

I think you are right and I just had it a little confused so I took your advice and started again. :slight_smile: because it was an easier approach.
And it worked just fine. I was able to see the config.toml file in the root and added and changed the one from the exampleSite.
I really appreciate you taking the time to explain what I needed to do. As I am still new to Hugo and how it works so still getting a handle on the basics.

Thanks again.

I thought I would share the url for the site. I worked on it last night and got it up. It is still in development but I have the bone there. See link below.

My professional site


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