I’ve see configTaxo.toml adjacent to config.toml in several themes.


That was for an old version of the sample content repo hugoBasicExample meant to be used as the exampleSite of a theme back when the ThemeSite served demos.

Back then we stopped serving demos out-of-the-box for some reason and only allowed specific themes whose structure didn’t fit the existing hugoBasicExample.

configTaxo.toml was a way to use taxonomies and enable inline shortcodes for the example sites.

No idea, why this has not been removed since it is no longer needed.

Also it is telling that you see it in several themes.

Should be removed from that repo.

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Thanks. If anyone sees this in a theme (typically in the exampleSite directory), please create an issue or PR in that theme’s repository. I’ve seen users copy this file to project root and expect it to do something.

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