Site only partially served, some empty pages, some 404

I have a hugo site set up but when I run hugo server, I will only be able to access part of the pages, some will be empty, some will result in a 404. Now here’s the thing: if I edit one of the broken pages and save them, they will work all right afterwards, however simply touching the files doesn’t help.

Once I have modified these files, it seems to work, sometimes even after I restart hugo, sometimes not. hugo serve will not work as well as hugo server --debug -D --disableFastRender --renderToDisk. Running it with --cleanDestinationDir=true seems to reset the status to failing.

I understand this might be due to some misconception I have about hugo, any clarification would be appreciated.

This is MacOS 11.4, hugo v0.87.0+extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate=unknown via homebrew. Safari, but reproducible with e.g. Chrome as well.

This is not possible to diagnose without seing the site source.

Thanks for the response.

I don’t have my site put up anywhere, but I’ll see if I can have a minimal set that shows this behavior.

I do believe bep means the Hugo source code, not what you published. As outlined in Requesting Help.

Bad phrasing, sorry, that’s what I meant.

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okay, there we go GitHub - drx777/hugo_test

needs the anatole theme

@agnoeo Is there any particular reason you did the whole “ping pong” thing in your example? There is a user who has been hassling @bep for some time and this look suspiciously like an example of that person’s ‘jokes’ which are waste of the time of someone who is helping others.

Sorry to hear that. It’s not that, just some random content words I often use.

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This should be


Thanks for the hint. Interesting, that seems to fix the issue. I probably haven’t fully understood the concept of page bundles. I was under the impression that would treat the section as a category whereas it just seems to indicate there are subpages. It’s still a slightly strange behavior, I would have expected nothing to be rendered below a leaf bundle.

Well… this is not a leaf bundle but a branch bundle, as you can read here: Page Bundles | Hugo. I think you still don’t understand the concept.