Single page inside a category doesn't pick static css

So I have this structure and the single page in this category isn’t displaying properly, any thoughts?

│   └───employees
│       └─── ✅Picks the template under: layouts>employees>list
│       └─── 🟥 For some reason picks the footer but not the header
│   ├───employees (list, single)
│   ├───partials (header, footer, baseof)
│   └───_default (baseof, list, single)

The only code in any list or single template anywhere is this

{{ define "main" }}
 ...the content...
{{ end }}

We need at least _default/baseof.html but really to help seeing your repo could be important.

You’ve been rather ‘spare’ with the amount of information you have provided, which limits what we can suggest.

Sure, here’s a link to a repo: -deleting bc it got solved-

EDIT: Actually, the header loads, but can’t get to the /static .css file
EDIT2: All I had to do was adding the slash to the href=“/style.css”

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