Page bundle issue (Branch bundles for listing items)


Hi All,

I am trying to categorize the items on this page. When I click the link of that page on the main, I want to arrive at a page which is similar to the main page where I can put tiles with the links to items page. I am not sure if this is the way to do it or are there other ways of categorizing on the theme I am using.

UPDATE 1: It worked after changing it from back It is really strange. Is there an issue with the Hugo rendering pages? I am using 0.37 64bit build
UPDATE 2: After restarting the Hugo server I see a blank page again :frowning:



I wrote to posts about using different templates:

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the tips Leo,

I followed the instruction on the second link by adding a dir with the same name in both /content and /layout directories. Then created file with layout set to "list" (to use the list.html which I placed inside dir I have created in layout directory)

Now I get an empty page (no 404 error) on my local server while i get this error on the page served on github file on directory named "insecticide" and located inside content/plant_protection/insecticide

title: "insecticide"
slug: "insecticide"
image: pic02.jpg
date: 2017-10-31T22:27:21-05:00
draft: false
layout: "ins_list"

Note: I placed the necessary dir files in both theme’s original directory and the directory that i duplicated to put my edited files, but it still doesn’t work.


I believe the name should be Please try.


Hi Leo,

This is what I read in the instructions you linked above.
For this purpose we create this directory (content/hugo-docs) and also create an (note the spelling!) in this directory. This will later contain the content for the page domain.tld/hugo-docs/.

If i name it as instead of I no longer see the item named insecticide on the upper directory which you see now since i did not update the site after the change you suggested.


Hmmm, that’s weird. No idea so far. Did you read the section “Page Bundles” in the docs? Perhaps there’s more information for you.


I still have to change the file to and then back to again to see the page using the layout i want. When I make any changes on the page or restart the server I see a blank page. I guess it is a bug or something. Tried this with the latest build too (0.40).