Simplest solution for self-hostintg, <200 Mo site, visitors... max 20 per day (hopefully)?

Which solution is the simplest for self-hosting a basic (static) site ?
Nginx should be the best but not only is it complicated but immediately I encounter errors upon errors, that I’m not the only having so it’s not my fault. I know it’s no good sign for me !

I tried to install a few others, they fail to install, or I just don’t understand a damn thing… and I’m no moron, I have two degrees. I’m just not a tech guy. At all.
I suppose there are other programs but I don’t even know where to look for them ?
“self-hosting webserver” leads me nowhere, it’s like reading chinese.
I would like something in a compiled language (so fast), few dependencies, simple file configuration, that “just works”.

Thanks for your help…

There’s a lot of missing context.

self-hosting means different things to different people.

To some, “self-hosting” means

nobody but me will ever use this

and to others it means

We run our datacenter off locally generated power

You’re absolutely right in that there’s a lot of knobs and it’s easy to mess up.

You’re not dumb, just ignorant… Thats fine, we can work with that.

are you looking for something to spin up on your laptop/desktop for localdev?
are you looking for a deploy target somewhere?
what kinda load is this gonna get?

there’s lots of ‘wrong ways’ to use the right tools inappropriately and have a helluva time with it.

IE: you can ABSOLUTELY use a brick to open a window… once.
However… That doesn’t mean we should call bricks ‘single-use-window-openers’ :slight_smile:

gitlab offers a way to use gitlab pages to deploy a repo-based static site for free…

I believe github has a similar offering.

you can use the hugo binary itself as it does have a built-in webserver for this kinda thing…
depending on usecase/audience/purpose, The ‘static-site-git-repo-deployment’ might be the closest to what you’re looking for, but without a bit more info, I couldn’t feel confident in my $.03 of advise :wink:

Hope that helps a bit?


Yes your post helps a great deal, at least it’s normal if I’m lost, my pride is safe.

“nobody but me will ever use this”
and to others it means
“We run our datacenter off locally generated power”

Same requirements than : (unrelated to me).
Nothing that wouldn’t fit in a small Olimex Olinuxino A20 Lime 2 single board computer.

You see “popular” options are no options at all, because i am (aim to be ) a political activist with very unpopular positions. I got yeeted out of netlify, and there is no trustworthy “free-speech” platforms, even nearlyfreespeech. Believe me.

Once I bought the domain the name, that would means for people to enter “” and be sent to my Olinuxino. simple as that
so, something like nginx (I suppose) but simpler.

ps: sorry the title carried over from an older draft


So you mention a huge red flag that brings a lot of interesting complications:

“political activist with unpopular opinions”…

I don’t particularly care what your stance is. It’s not my place to judge, and this isn’t the forum to discuss them.

The only thing I WILL clarify is

Are your views advocating violence?
Are your views and desires intended to bring people together, and encourage positivity and harmony, coexistence and safety?

I will not have anything to do with, nor encourage anyone with desires to create, platforms which advocate or glorify violence towards others, or which seek to inhibit or undermine the peaceful coexistence of differently minded humans ( or I suppose any sentient bieng really )

If you are advocating violence towards others, please, respectfully, take a step back, and look at the state the world around you is in right now. Violence, separatism, polarizing hostility, and hate are NOT what the world needs more of right now.

from what you’re describing, it sounds like you’d be best served by exploring serverless platforms… IE aws cloudfront or maybe google’s appengine platform?

some sort of local build, cloud deploy process that allows you to deploy your content and have it served directly from the larger cloud platform’s data layer… that would make it more difficult to hinder the platform you’re trying to create… taking a small self-hosted box off the internet is a lot easier to do than negatively affecting aws’ s3, for example.

If you don’t go the serverless route, then come to grips with the fact that running a webserver means running the host(s) that the server/site runs on top of…

That varies in complexity, but there’s definitely a non-0 volume of foundational understanding required to be successful here.

Regardless… good luck!
May harmony find you.

Are your views advocating violence? Are your views and desires intended to bring people together, and encourage positivity and harmony, coexistence and safety?

The second, and that’s a worst thoughtcrime today than any call for violence. Anyway, nothing illegal in the US. Yes I want to run the host that runs the site (I didn’t know the terminology). For now nginx seems to work, I think I wasn’t understanding a few things (besides archlinux subpaar package). it might be the best option it seems !