Newbie question; adding /content folders

So… I’m using a Hugo theme; hello-4s3ti. Anyway, it came with a /content/posts are to add posts.

I have two questions… FIRST, I changed config.toml and renamed ‘posts’ to ‘articles’… this updated the menubar in the theme, and shows ‘Articles’ when I navigate to It also lists all the .md posts that are in /content/articles. - Do I need to change some of the themes /layout files? Because in /themes/hello…/layouts, there is a /layouts/posts folder w/ single.html and rss.xml. Do I need to modify anything?

Second… I edited config.toml and added a new menu item with the name “blog” (I want a serious archicles section and a lighter blog section…). I can navigate to that /blog part of the website by clicking the blog menu item; but posts that are in /content/blog/ don’t display in a list like they do in the /articles part of the website. I attempted to create a new /hugo/layouts/blog folder and copied over single.html from the /theme/layouts/posts/single.html - but I’m obviously not understanding exactly what I need to create/copy to create this new blog menu/section.

I’ve researched and am technical - I don’t need you to take pity and do the work, but would love any info about what I’m missing and/or what hugo isn’t getting that it needs.

THANK you; this software is awesome!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your questions mostly are about how your particular theme is set up to work.

Post the link to your repo so we can see the code, then we can help you out.