Create a menu link with another set of posts

I have a site with has one set of blogs on home page and now I want to add another menu item from where you can access new set of posts. I am able to display list but I want it to display same as home page posts.
I am not sure how to link my new set of posts to another template?

The guides are really not super helpful. I also looked at some previous posts they just point to content and taxanomies but doesn’t give more information on how to do?

It sounds like you want to link a page where you can see all posts of a certain taxonomy term? That link would be /taxonomytitle/termtitle/ and should already exist. For instance /tags/myspecialposts/ should list all posts with a tag myspecialposts.

Now about the menu: Put that link into your config.toml. How to do that is described here: