Should there be user tracking in the Hugo project?

Why has there been a beacon since the very beginning in the Hugo project README until very recently?

Ok. So yesterday I updated my Hugo fork and I was perplexed by a commit that removed a beacon tracker from the README in the master Hugo repo.

The commit was made by someone who does not appear in the repo’s contributors list.

I browsed the repo at the point in history before said commit and couldn’t find a history of the tracking pixel’s existence.

So I opened: Question regarding commit ecf025f in the README · Issue #9025 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub until I figured out what was going on and closed it.

However since this is an Open Source project, we kind of need to have this discussion.

Why was there user tracking in the master repo? Is user tracking present in the source like for example in the local server? What do you think about this practice?