Follow Hugo activity on Github with a RSS feed

Hi there,

reading code is a good way to learn more about Hugo, and tracking Hugo related projects is a good way to discover new themes and contributors.

Most devs are using Github nowadays, and Github do not provide RSS feeds.

Luckily, RSS-Bridge allows to generate RSS feeds from Github Search, so here is a RSS feed listing the last repositories mentioning Hugo.


  • The forks are filtered out
  • There are a few false-positive (users named “Hugo” will appear too)

The latter could be improved with a better filter. I’ll check if tracking theme.toml files is more relevant.

The feed: Github Repositories Search (around 20 results / day)

nope. none of my repos for instance has a theme.toml :wink:

It makes probably sense to have some form of or search over several areas

  • reponame (not username) with either -hugo or hugo- in the name
  • config.toml or theme.toml or config/_default/config.toml
  • github keywords are hugo relevant
  • link in README
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