Changes in config.toml doesn't reflect on blog

I used below article to setup hugo site.

Done everything and it’s working, below you can see my GitHub repos.

GitHub - techtracker5/ ( main repo )

GitHub - techtracker5/hugoblog ( development repo )

But, the problem is, no matter what changes i do in config.toml, it is not reflecting on main blog.

Main blog :

Except social icon : twitter.

Changed title, logo, settings but not even of them work, why is this happening and why only twitter icon change is showing up.

Kindly help, asap, thank you :+1:

You are translating by content directory, so you need to place your content in the same language directory defined in your config file per language.

│   └───post
│   └───post

@jmooring seems like this is such issue, that need your help?

I cloned your site and I can change the config variables just fine! Something’s wrong with your setup.


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