Shortcode Deleting Divs?

Hi, I’ve got the following in my layouts/shortcodes/mem.html (for example, just trying to protect body content for certain pages for paid members only).

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"><style>#__memberspace_modal_protected_page { position:fixed; top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100%; background:#fff; z-index:2147483646; }</style><div id="__memberspace_modal_protected_page"></div>

However, when I do a test post like so:

{{< mem >}}
# Super Valuable Content
## Other Valuable Content

The HTML shows up like this:


That is, the style is preserved, but the divs from the shortcode .html file is omitted? How do I preserve divs in shortcodes?

You most likely need to enter the following in the project config:

unsafe= true

Raw HTML in Markdown content files is omitted by default for security reasons.

Tried that just now (in the form of yml in my config.yml shown here: Now CommonMark Compliant! | Hugo) but the divs are still omitted. I also tried the following:

  defaultMarkdownHandler: goldmark
      unsafe: true

Not sure if that default line does anything though. Wondering if there’s any other cause that would cause divs to get omitted?

Oh I figured it out. For some reason I can put in a div with an id of, say, ‘asdf’. But even with unsafe:true, the renderer doesn’t like if you have an id that has a __ in front of it, for some reason. So just changing the id to not have __ in front of it worked.