Hugo 0.60.0 Raw HTML omitted Issue

I’ve just upgraded to 0.60.0 and have a problem.

I have a shortcode that is simply a wrapper for tables.

<div class="table wide">{{- .Inner | markdownify -}}</div>

For standard markdown tables everything works fine. However, when I use a HTML table nothing appears. Instead in the html source I see:

Raw HTML omitted

Is there something I have overlooked?

Same question. A workaround seems to enable the unsafe mode:

      unsafe: true

But this would be required for quite many sites, wouldn’t it?


So, you can set unsafe: true. But you can also use the {{< delimiter when including the shortcode in the page. This may or may not be what you want.

That helps alot. Thanks Bep and Guite.

This looks promising for me :slight_smile:

{{< bsrow >}}
{{% bsgrid class="col-md-7" %}}
Some markdown
{{% /bsgrid %}}
{{% bsgrid class="col-md-5 sidebar" %}}
Some markdown
{{% /bsgrid %}}
{{< /bsrow >}}

I have considered the default settings carefully. Mostly to match Blackfriday’s, but setting unsafe: true is something each user have to decide.

Also, I have an open issue about adding Bluemonday – which is a better HTML sanitizer.

Also note that if you own/control the content, setting unsafe: true is perfectly safe.

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But note that the caveat is that the rendered shortcode will not be part of the “outer rendering” (so to speak), which is not optimal if they contain headings/footnotes that needs to be in the ToC etc.

I’m not sure what the solution here is? I am already using the delimiter in the markdown file but still get the omission issue. What are you suggesting to do?