Hugo 0.60.0 Raw HTML omitted Issue

I’ve just upgraded to 0.60.0 and have a problem.

I have a shortcode that is simply a wrapper for tables.

<div class="table wide">{{- .Inner | markdownify -}}</div>

For standard markdown tables everything works fine. However, when I use a HTML table nothing appears. Instead in the html source I see:

Raw HTML omitted

Is there something I have overlooked?

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Same question. A workaround seems to enable the unsafe mode:

      unsafe: true

But this would be required for quite many sites, wouldn’t it?

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So, you can set unsafe: true. But you can also use the {{< delimiter when including the shortcode in the page. This may or may not be what you want.


That helps alot. Thanks Bep and Guite.

This looks promising for me :slight_smile:

{{< bsrow >}}
{{% bsgrid class="col-md-7" %}}
Some markdown
{{% /bsgrid %}}
{{% bsgrid class="col-md-5 sidebar" %}}
Some markdown
{{% /bsgrid %}}
{{< /bsrow >}}

I have considered the default settings carefully. Mostly to match Blackfriday’s, but setting unsafe: true is something each user have to decide.

Also, I have an open issue about adding Bluemonday – which is a better HTML sanitizer.

Also note that if you own/control the content, setting unsafe: true is perfectly safe.


But note that the caveat is that the rendered shortcode will not be part of the “outer rendering” (so to speak), which is not optimal if they contain headings/footnotes that needs to be in the ToC etc.

I’m not sure what the solution here is? I am already using the delimiter in the markdown file but still get the omission issue. What are you suggesting to do?

Thanks Guite.

For config.toml use this
unsafe = true

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Is it possible to support multiple layouts directory like how static works? I like the unsafe = false direction but there are situations where I want certain partials to be privatized.

Disclaimer: I’m maintaining a Hugo Theme which has its own Hugo site generator hosting the page. Things like Paypal button broke but can be solved nicely using partials and short-code.

Just in case anyone find this post like me looking for a way to add HTML to their markdown page, I ended up doing the following…

Create a custom shortcode called something like raw-html.html with the contents:

{{ .Inner }}

Then wrap your HTML in your content like so:

{{< raw-html >}}
<video width="480" height="480" autoplay muted loop playsinline>
  <source src="" type="video/mp4" />
  Your browser does not support the video tag.
{{< / raw-html >}}

Not saying this is a good idea or solution, but it seems to work.

I am using this one in my config file (src/config.toml):

  unsafe= true

And it works!

Documentation about this “feature” (issue):

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