How to render content ignoring shortcodes

I want to render the content in text/plain and omitting any shortcodes, please someone point me out, what should I do with the layout, especially in single.html

You need to remember that shortcodes are pasted inside markdown files hence they are inserted inside content and whatever shower code generate will be a part of the content. No possible is to just ignore them.

You got couple options

Add exclusion to shortcode and controls exclusion through front layer parameter.

I would test to create a new theme that inherits from your current theme but overrides the shortcodes with empty files.

Then you can build as normal with your main theme and build without shortcodes with the new theme.

Thank you for the reply. The result of the first option almost met my expectations, but I thought I should try combining it with your second suggestion.

Thank you sir, your advice is correct. I have tried it and it works. But what about the output content of other formats that depend on shortcodes?

In simple terms, I mean actually, all shortcodes are still rendered in HTML format and not in plain text. I have corrected my question.