Setup Hugo on shared hosting

Hi guys,

Just found out about Hugo and loved it instantly. Before Hugo I was using Wordpress for my blogs, I use Hostgator’s hosting (business plan) where I have hosted several Wordpress blogs. Installing Wordpress using cpanel is easy.

May I know how to setup Hugo on Hostgator (or any other shared hosting environment)?

Chankey Pathak

You don’t put Hugo on the server (well, you could but that’s a whole other topic), you upload the content of the ‘public’ folder that Hugo generated when you tell it to build your site.

You can upload those files via SFTP or whatever tools your host provides to the relevant directory in your hosting account - just like where you’d stick Wordpress’ files.

Those files from the public folder ‘are’ your site, it’s a static site generator after all so it outputs all the HTML/CSS/JS/media files that you need to that public folder and you simply upload them.

When you update the site, you re-upload the files (I use rsync to do it so it does it intelligently and doesn’t re-upload stuff that hasn’t changed).

That’s a pretty simple overview but should hopefully help.

Oh yes, it’s a static site generator. Poor me. Thanks for explaining.


I installed Hugo directly on my shared hosting (fastcomet) using the cPanel Terminal and following this tutorial

Where the tutorial tells “your pc” I intend my hosting cPanel Terminal and it works fine

If you find problems go directly to boilerplate github repository