Server mode and loggin

I’ve read the documentation of hugo but i cannot find any way to get webserver log when using hugo with -D option to serve html file as an http server.

therefore it seems not possible to log all http request served by the server.

Is it a feature which will be integrated in the future ?

Thank you for pointing me this former post about this topic.

Conclusion is : not intended to be added as a feature, because of lack of support.

That’s fair enough.

Im mostly using hugo within my citoyx/hugo container which run Hugo in server mode.
This way it keeps all the file in RAM, and serves them on the fly very fastly.
I host several website ( this way on a kubernetes platform.
I guess i should look on the ingress side (traefik) to log http request.

That’s a little sad.

I was even thinking about a prometheus exporter to export some metrics on the hugo side.