Are there hugo server logs for troubleshooting?

I edited my website and something happened - I can’t understand what. Now my hugo localhost server does not throw a mistake, but either does not start - it endlessly spins the preloader.
I don’t know how to troubleshoot it. I hope someone can tell me what to do! Are there hugo server logs for troubleshooting?
Thank you guys!

Unless you provide a minimal reproducible example, we are in the dark and cannot help you.

Here is the example:
I suspect the server can’t find some images.
I’ll try to compare it to a working buld and find the solution.
I’ll post it here, if I find it.

You posted the live site. Unfortunately, that is not helpful.

You’ll need to put together a minimal example that can be reproduced locally.

It was my bad. I forgot to copy the images folder, and the webstie did not start. Now I’ve copied the images folder and everything works - but the index.html page does not start. I have no idea why. I wish there were more diagnostic tools for Hugo!