Section Menu for “the Lazy Blogger” isn't working for me

When I add SectionPagesMenu = "main" to config.toml,
.Site.Menus and .Site.Menus.main are are both empty.

Works for me …

Do you actually have any sections?

What’s the output of hugo version?

Veriosn 1.5. If I call .Site.Sections I see 4-5 of them.

And your OS is?

The bottom line is: I have no clue why this doesn’t work for you. I implemented this and use it myself. If your site’s source is out in the open, I can look and see if I can spot the problem.

I have the same problem.
Hugo v0.15.
Windows 8.1

Is your project on GitHub so I can take a look at it?

It’s not on github, but I stripped away some of the content (down to 10mb) and zipped it.
You can get it here:

the menu implementation is pretty horrific, but is an act of desperation as I cannot highlight the selected menu entry at all otherwise. And still it only works on list pages, not on posts.

Would be super happy if you could give it a quick look…

I found a bug introduced at one point in this menu feature that made the selection of the top level menu entries not work.:

Lazy blogger menu should works out of the box wih every theme or the theme should to be compatible with SectionPagesMenu ? i looks not working on hugo-creative-portfolio-theme