SASS changes not reflected on localhost (windows only)

Whenever I edit a SASS file in Windows 10, the changes I make are not reflected. However, if I edit the same file in Ubuntu or Elementary, those changes do get reflected. Does Windows 10 need some things tweaked to get SASS working or is my computer just not being co-operative?

BTW I also installed SASS using choco install sass.
If the solution is long and complicated(I’m still new to Hugo) I don’t mind using Linux to work with Hugo.

Are you using SASS externally? Or using the built-in SASS support in Hugo Pipes?

I’m using the built in ones.

Is that problem browser specific on Windows?

No. I render the website using hugo server and I go into inspect element for the

I edited the SASS and the changes I made are not there.

You need to execute the command hugo server again to regenerate the SASS stylesheets. I’m afraid that this just doesn’t happen on the fly with livereload.

Oh I see. Ok.