Running command 'hugo server' on windows vs macos

I was trying the google/docsy-example site and weird thing, it works perfectly after just 3 commands on a mac

git clone --recurse-submodules --depth 1
cd docsy-example
hugo server

But , when I do the same thing on a windows10 and simple command prompt.
Doing hugo server behaves weirdly ( or may be its what it does internally without showing, I dont have my windows 10 device with me right now or I would have tried the verbose flag)
This is what happens

Any ideas , so does hugo server is just not recommended for a simple windows command prompt, why does hugo server need to fire a git rev-parse --show-redup?

Going off the screenshot in the GitHub issue you linked, the second part of the error message is something I can help you with: You need the Windows Extended version of Hugo.

So, where can I download this Windows Extended version of Hugo ? Can you post a link here please.

Edit: I was able to find it from the releases page.
It made no difference, but I downloaded git bash for windows and it works from that terminal.

That error message is very clear. If that error still persists after getting the extended version, it means you have a PATH issue on your Windows PC (multiple Hugo versions). Try running:

hugo version

And look for the “extended” word.

I had it installed via chocolatey, so I did replace my local with the new extended version I downloaded from github.

I am also curious as to when we do hugo server, since this project has a package.json, does it automagically somehow also invokes postcss-cli and converts all the scss into css on the fly and store that in the public/server folder ( output folder for hugo builds) ?