Run multi Hugo site on a server

Hi, how i could run multi Hugo site on a server, like:

All of them run on port 80.
Hugo have option to support it? Or i must use something like Nginx in front of Hugo?

Thanks you!

You wouldn’t normally use hugo to serve up your site to an external audience. What you’d do is to use hugo to generate a static site (or in your case, multiple static sites), and then serve them up however you choose. This includes using a web server like nginx.

I’m doing just this. I have a single project folder with content/en and ja, which I am then pushing to subfolders in public then using rsync to push to two separate website containers on an apache web server. This is the repo:

Also, @spf13 mentioned somewhere on here about using a zsh function to do the rsync, so that is what I set up. I have hugoserver-com or hugoserver-cojp functions for running the local server on different ports, and hugodeploy-com or hugodeploy-cojp for deploying to apache via rsync. To deploy, all I need to do is run the function and enter the password, which is not so hard.

Hugo’s internal server is great for testing on your laptop, but I don’t think it’s the perfect choice for public hosting.

@hnarayanan @RickCogley Thank you very much!
I think i will use hnarayanan’s solution: Nginx to serve public and use Hugo to generate content.