Self-hosted CMS for mutliple servers available under url?

Hi! I’m site generator newbie. I want to run a simple blog on my Raspberry Pi used as a web server. The possibility of adding a graphical CMS would be nice and as I read, Hugo provides this option (yay! great!). Also, I wanted to have an access to my blog adn CMS via url, something like But, I don’t want to connect with any other services like gitHub - I just want to download it and set on my own. Can you advice my some solutions?
Oh, and a second thing: I want to experiment a little and check if I can implement some load balancing and redirecting traffic. I want to install a mirrored version of my blog on second server - in case the Raspberry breaks down or something. With it, the blog will be still available in public domain thanks to the second node. Is there any possibility to deploy a new post with just a one click on two servers at the same time? is it something that Hugo supports and is there a CMS that does such things?
Thank you for some tips!

Yes you can script a solution to specify the baseURL and say, rsync to different sites. There are a lot of non Hugo aspects to what you want though.

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