Rss.xml is not generated


I use the last version of hugo, and no RSS page (rss.xml) is generated.
If i use .RSSLink in template it return empty string.
In my config.toml i have fields needed (form
I use “robust” theme

Any idea ?

thx :wink:

In your config.toml have you specified the parameter RSSLink = so that it points to index.xml"?

No but if i try i got the same result.

Note that the main problem is that Hugo do not generate RSS feed, not that .RSSLink is empty if i use it in template (which could be explained by the fact that there is no RSS generated and nor link)

I’m not familiar with the theme you use. Maybe you should ask the theme’s designer on Github. Also check up on the new Output Formats documentation.

The above parameter goes underneath your baseURL parameter in your config and it should enable the RSS feed.

Also the rss xml is typically found under the root of your domain. Where index.html is located.

OK i’have found the solution:

For feed to be generated you need to add:

home = [ "RSS" ]

In the outputs section of the config.toml

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Cool. Glad you figured it out.

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