RSS feed for taxonomy root path

Hi, I have a tag = "tags" taxonomy in my config file. My deployed tag folder looks like that:

  • tags
    • foo
      • index.html
      • index.xml
    • bar
      • index.html
      • index.xml
    • index.html

There is no RSS file for my main taxonomy folder (tags/index.xml is missing).
Is that a normal behaviour?

How could I easily generate such an RSS file for my taxonomy root path?

PS: Google Index is looking for tags/index.xml and well… gives me a 404 error.

i think it is not a normal behaviour. u can clearn the public dir or change for another theme for the test .

the root index.html shoul have content.

Actually, my tags/index.html have content and I’ve already cleaned the deploy folder (I tried turning it off and on again, thanks for the advice :wink: ).

Ok I checked on spf13 blog and he doesn’t have an index.xml file on it’s tags root path:

I’ve submitted an issue: