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The default RSS template refers to $, however when I specify this author in my top level config.toml no author name appears in the rendered RSS XML.

I have this in my config.toml

name = "My name"

Any idea on what’s wrong here?

Do you have

name = "my name"

and if so is it AFTER all the root config options? (root = those without [sectionname] parts).

Please post the whole config. I did not check the default RSS layout now, but if it indeed refers to $ then the issue is in your config file(s).

There was an error in my original post, I do have an author section, but its declared before the ‘params’ section.

My whole config looks something like this:

The embedded RSS template contains this code (formatted for clarity):

{{ with }}
  <author>{{.}}{{ with $ }} ({{.}}){{end}}</author>

If you want author information to appear, you must specify the email, while the name is optional.

email = ""    # Required
name = "John Doe"             # Optional

Thanks a lot @jmooring, I totally missed that, being in a hurry.

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