Author Configuration for RSS

Hey all,
I was investigating how configuration and pages map to RSS recently, and looking at the default template. I realized the author configuration used by the theme I chose is different from how the RSS template resolves them (params.author_name vs -, and only if is defined).

This makes and some standard configuration for Hugo - it’s in the default template. I don’t see this documented anywhere, and the getting started->configuration page actually seems to recommend different…

I’m wondering - am I missing something that specifies this, or better guidance on this? Should I make a pull request to fix the documentation or document this setup further? Also - the default RSS template doesn’t seem to handle article-specific authors, and it doesn’t make sense to me that an email address is required for any author to be displayed… I’m considering a pull request to modify that.


That’s part of the RSS spec, a wonderous document from a different era, when dragons rules the sky, and only fancy mages from expensive academies had “email”.

Here’s my recommendation: test those options work, and then document then and submit a pull request.

I can’t be sure, but I get the sense many folks customize that. We don’t have a standard way to represent “author” for a given context. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Pull request: