Author in RSS

Hey folks,

I am struggling a bit with RSS. It doesn’t include the author field.
My toml includes

  name = "Cesare Rocchi"

Is there anything I am missing?
RSS here for reference:

Full toml here:

languageCode = "en-us"
contentdir = "content"
publishdir = "public"
builddrafts = false
baseUrl = ""
canonifyurls = true
title = ""
theme = "heather"
rssuri = "atom.xml"

  name = "Cesare Rocchi"

  description = "A blog written by Cesare Rocchi"
  search_engine = true
  paginate = true

  post = "/:year/:month/:day/:title/"

Should I put a name value in the params section?

I figured it out. The default RSS template skips the author field if no email is provided. I added my own RSS template to use just the field.

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