Request for Test

I’d like to suggest a new category for this forum, which is the subject of this post. The purpose would be to invite volunteers to test a new website, or a theme, or something else, and be critical about it. Right now, there is the showcase category, but this is where people typically congratulate each other and tend to hold the criticisms back.

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I don’t think it is a good idea to create a category to critiquing websites. There are communities and systems for that, whereas I appreciate the focus on Hugo-related discussions here.

Nice suggestion, I personally think it is beyond the scope we want to get the help we need. :slight_smile:


This is supposed to be Hugo-related, of course. Say, someone is designing a new theme and want someone else test it’s usability, quality of the documentation, etc.

I’d like to emphasize, it should be critique upon request. In other words, each thread should be initialized by the one who owns the object of the critique.

You said it yourself, people here typically tend to hold the criticisms back.

That’s because most people here are looking for support, tips & tricks or news.

I see scrutinizing a new Hugo theme (for the sake of example) as very supportive for the author of the theme, so I do not see any contradiction here. It is certainly more useful than “Good job, pal!”.

If we have any suggestion or patch idea which is related to a certain Hugo theme, we can open an issue on its repository. (If the repository enables issue feature.) It will be difficult to catch feedbacks if those are posted on this forum.


is something initiated by a (possibly already frustrated) user. This is a completely different thing.

What I’m suggesting, is a request for QA testing initiated by the author, not by a user. And since it would be initiated by the author, it naturally follows, that the author would probably monitor a thread that he has himself initiated.

The thing is that your objective fits right in the showcase or support category… I don’t think creating a new category will magically change this community behavior.

I doesn’t fit into support category, where users are supposed to ask for a solution to a particular problem – essentially like on Stackexchange. Neither does it fit into showcase category, but I’ve explained it already. Why I would be otherwise suggesting another category?

And no, I do not expect any magic to happen – I see it as a small improvement towards making the community even more welcoming for new users.