Replace static html page

I run into an unexpected problem “deploying” hugo, maybe somebody can help me.
Since nearly 20 years I use a plain, static html page as a start page in my browser.

As you will see it is a very simple page. more or less its just a table with jpg in the middle in the and some hyperlinks to the left an right. added some CSS for optics.
No big deal at all.

Since i want to add some more features to the page i came across hugo.
Theoretically this would fit my needs perfectly!

Only problem is: it doesnt :slight_smile:

I just can not find a single theme that would allow me to have -say- 40 links on one screen, with a nice graphic somewhere.
Sure : i could divide it all the links in different subcategories, create some tags and have them on different screens.
But the beauty of the “old” beast is, to access them all on one fast loading screen with no need to click anywhere to get to the desired link.

Do you have any ideas how this can be done ?

I am totally running out of ideas here and to be honest i do not want to create my own template as this would take me month to make.

It’s quite unclear what you want and this will result in no answers.

You have one site with many links on one page to subpages on that one page… that’s what in Hugo is called a posttype. It’s easy to realize… with your own template. So if you don’t want to have your own template it’s a “no go”.

I would:

  • create a post type (this is Hugo)
  • create posts for all the links you want on your one page (this is some conversion work to get your pages into markdown files)
  • create a template that uses an image for the center and let’s links to all items in your post type be shown in two columns that align (some super duper cool modern CSS called, ehm, grid and layout.

On the internet 4 years are a life time. 20 years are five live times. It’s either best to keep it all the way it was or jump into the cold water. From experience I can say cold water is ok. On the other side, if your “target group” (the people who read your website) is fans of the internet back in the good old days (I started 1994, so good old days means back then) then keep it as it is.

Looking at your page, you have 4 different sections on your page.

I think it’s some structural work and then some templating work and you are good to go and have a website from within this century :slight_smile: if you care enough to do the hard work.

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Hello …

and thank you very much for taking the time to answer my very nooby Question.
You are absolutly right: i should have explained my problem in a more detailed way.

I should have made it clearer that all the links on this starting page (which “target group” is btw just my family, as it serves as a starting page of the web browsers) are external links to other websites such as ebay or google etc.

So the whole site consist of exactly one page.

I do know that with creating my own template i can solve this problem, but 2bhonest i was hoping that somebody much smarter than me had the same problem and has already made a nice template that would fit my -admittedly rare- needs. Creating my own template would take way too much time, as i have forgotten most of the css and html knowledge that i used to have.

Thank you

Hi @elmexubi,

I think what you want is similar to what I did for my website:

  1. index.html is home page for your website (replace with your page)
  2. Move all links in front matter ( Add your links and structure it as you need
  3. Add some range loop in template (1) to render links which are defined in front matter

And I think this should solve your problem.

Hope this helps!