Rendering section pages in taxonomies


Referencing this post [SOLVED] After update 0.29 -> 0.35 some pages are no longer generated, is it possible to render section pages in taxonomy list pages? I have the following file structure:


After upgrading to v0.53 I find that my topics taxonomy list is empty, but if I change the “” file under the welcome folder to “”, it shows up just fine.

I remember that recently some of the list pages stopped being rendered to tone down the noise of index pages. I changed some of these pages to with a shortcode that renders items of this list page… but v0.53 sounds awfully old for a Hugo version… What happens if you install a current version? Do you need help to get a current version running on your computer/system?

I just updated to 0.59.1 but that doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Could you go into more detail about your workaround with shortcodes? Ideally I want all “” files to render as list templates and unit files to render as single templates.

Any insight on this? I’m currently using Netlify to host my site with this template: which itself is derived from the Victor Hugo boilerplate: