List Pages No Rendering (v0.25.1)

Hi folks,

I picked up Hugo a few weeks back and had some decent success so far with it but I am now confused as to how to get my section/list pages displaying.

I have the following structure 2017-09-05_11h38_32 but whenever I navigate to the link /books nothing is rendered I followed the example here

but it does not display the html, only

Is there anything that I am missing any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You should have a template books/list.html with your logic there to list the items in your books directory. If you don’t have that template, Hugo will use the _default/list.html template. Otherwise, it would be easier to help you if you posted your repo.

Hi Budparr,

Thanks for the reply,

I actually have books/list.html (although it is not in screenshot).

The problem is it is not using _default/list.html or books/list.html

If I change it from _index.html to index.html it picks up the single.html fine

Thanks again Matt

I think I have made some progress, I didn’t have a baseof.html . I have put this in and it displays the list as expected. Is this what we would expect as the docs don’t mention it?

Not sure, tbh. It’s better to have a baseof file than not, but I don’t know the effect of not having it (having never tried not using one). Glad you made some progress!