Render to memory vs --renderToDisk

I have created a small boilerplate project that wraps around Hugo so that I can use Brunch as a build pipeline, and have replaced LiveReload with BrowserSync for the extra features that it provides.

The way that I currently trigger Browsersync to reload is to have it watch the public directory for changes, as this was the simplest way to work with Hugo. I still use Hugo’s server & watch tools, and just proxy the server wtih Browsersync.

I am wondering if there is any data on the speed difference between rendering to memory vs using render to disk? I assume render to memory is faster, and if the difference is significant I may consider doing this a different way.

No data, but it is obviously faster – how much I guess depends on your disk etc. With “normal page counts” and an SSD disk I guess both should be “really fast”, though.