--renderToDisk: does it use less RAM on `hugo server`?

Does --renderToDisk, used in hugo server, result in the server using the file-system to deliver the pages or does it still serve them from memory?

The docs say

--renderToDisk - render to Destination path (default is render to memory & serve from there)

But that is not very explicit on what the server does in the end.

My aim is to use less RAM for development of a very large site… no need to frenzy over speed in that specific case. It would also be nice to know for adding some scripts that modify files in the public directory after they get changed.

Maybe add “render to and serve from Destination path” to the docs to make this more obvious?

It uses less RAM.


Yes we should do that. PR welcome.

As to how much saved; I would say that the RAM saved should more or less be equal to the size of the output.

Which reminds me of a PR I need to follow up on.

To add to the confusion, in next Hugo you will get a --renderStaticToDisk flag:

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