Render images in the static directory

I’m trying to create a blog with Hugo, using the Ezhil theme. However, for some reason, the images in my static/images directory don’t seem to render.

In my content/posts/ file, I have


{{< figure src="/images/space.jpeg" title="Space" >}}

But, only the alt text (images) is displayed for the first one, and only the title Space is displayed for the second one, and the original image (at static/images/space.jpeg) isn’t displayed.

Note - However, something like {{< figure src="" title="Hugo" >}} renders just fine.

When I run hugo server -D --disableFastRender and move the space.jpeg file out of and back into static/images, I get
File no longer exists in static dir, removing /images/space.jpeg
Syncing images/space.jpeg to /

This makes me think that the files within the static directory ARE in fact getting tracked correctly, but then opening the respective file while running a live server instance doesn’t show the file.

Any advice in fixing this would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks!

Open your browser console and inspect the errors.

The console shows -
GET http://localhost:1313/images/space.jpeg 404 (Not Found).

But, the file does exist -

❯ ls static/images                                         

Can you share your repository?

Sure. Here you go -

I’ve tried to have the image included in the post How to test dark mode?

Also if it helps, that the config.toml has favicon = "icons/myicon.png" and static/icons/myicon.png does exist, yet the icon doesn’t get rendered either.

Your baseURL is

The theme attempts to handle this by placing this within the <body> element:

<base href="{{ .Site.BaseURL }}">


The <base> HTML element specifies the base URL to use for all relative URLs in a document.

So in your content file, do this:

{{< figure src="images/space.jpeg" title="Space" >}}

Although it seems to work in Chrome, the <base> element belongs within <head> not within <body>.

That worked. Thank you!

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